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From Pastor Regi's desk (North India Coordinator):

IFMI North & Central India ministry details as of 22/03/08:

Map of India showing north central india
 No  State  Total House
Orphanage (OR)
 1  Orissa  120
 Ratan Singh
 2  Chattisgarh  18  -  SNV Setty
 3  Haryana  15    Reji Abraham
 4  Himachal  18  -  D Banerjee
 5  Punjab  50     -  Sis Salomi
 6  Maharshtra  8       Suresh Chavan
 7  Delhi  8  -  Mathew Thomas
 8   Jammu  10  -  Mahinder Kumar
 9  Andhra  60  -  Kripa Rao
 10      -  
 11      -  
   Total  307    

Updates of the mission field:

As of 5 Jul 2007:

The new decisions we had taken are:

1, Appoint 5 full time workers at Rs 500 pm from next month. Their target will be planting 5 churches within an year. I will give you their details and photos once I receive from Ratan.

2, Appooint Advocate Basant Nand as our Pastor at Rs. 750 pm from Next Month. Advt Basant Nand was looking after our Bible college and teaching in our center free of cost for the last 2 years. He is fully involved in church planting. He is very effective and has 3 churches now. As he is independant and he is willing to join with us. He will be working along with Ratan to reach the advocates of Orissa and give justice to the Christian community.

3, Setting up a Musical team. Ratan and all their team members are very skilled in Music especially playing Organ and Tabla etc.. Rajan Singh is very keen to work with Ratan. I could help both of them to come in one platform and work for the Lord. I told them to give me the quatation of buying the PA systems, Casio, Guitar, Triple etc.. I think our van will be more benefited by this people.

4, Ratan told me about 45 school children who are poor and a school for them. I got some of their photos too.The children from other churches. We can start on orphanage type starting with 10 children and see how it works.


Narayana Setty and Sis Nirmala had excitied me by showing many Hindu families came to the Lord through them. They mainly concentrate on Hindus as Narayana Setty is from Hinduism and he knows the Hindu scriptures well. By lots of questions and answers he makes people aware of Jesus. One incident I never forget. There was a Hindu marriage near by their house. During the Marriage the bride groom has fallen unconscious in the stage. They all feared and got a Doctor soon. But the Doctor could not do any thing. Suddenly one of the family members told them about IFMI Pastor Naryana Setty who stay near by. Then our pastor with his family went on to the stage and prayed for the bride groom who suddenly raised up in front of all people. It was really a miracle. Now all the family members accepted Jesus as their Savior after this incident. Last Sunday I had spent much time with this family. I was really thrilled.

But finally we cannot expect a great movement through Naryana family as he is working with Railways from early morning to evening. We want take some other full time local Chatiisgarhi Pastors in some other place and through them get the ministry expanded in every Districts with Bible training centers and other projects. They also suffer from the state anti conversion bill.

As of 9 Aug 2007:

We had wonderful conventions in North India with PMG. On 3rd we have visited Delhi especially the leprosy colony with our missionary Pr. Mathew Thomas.

On 4th evening we had meeting in our center in Karnal where 125 people attended and 20 accepted the Lord. 
On 5th our meeting was in Punjab where 600 people attended about 60 people accepted the Lord. 
On 6th we were in Himachal where about 80 people attended and about 10 people accepted the Lord. 
On 7th we were in Ambala (Haryana) for a home group service with IFMI missionary Cornelius where 30 people attended and about 8 people accepted the Lord. Later we visited a nearby house for prayer where another 4 gave their hearts to Jesus.Altogether about 102 people accepted the Lord during these conventions. 

There were many miracles and healings taken place during these meetings especially in Himachal one young who was a deaf from his childhood, after praying he was suddenly healed and people were marveled and praised God. 
Altogether these meetings revived our fields and many more added into the churches. Pr. PMG is a very dedicated man of God with gifts of the Holy Spirit. His wife has such passion for the perishing souls and she often was praying with tears during the meetings. They both were such a blessing for us and we all of us want this family to come again in our fields and be with us whenever they can.

As of 6 Jan 2008
Orissa Convention:-

IFMI Orissa state annual convention was organized in Rairakhol at Sambalpur District from 20 - 21st December 07. Our state Co ordinator Advocate Ratan Singh and the local Pastors faced much difficulties to get the government permission for a public meeting as the state has introduced the anti conversion bill earlier. But praise God Mr Lakre who is the sub collector who gave the permission for the public meetings in his district. Not only that he himself came for the meetings and welcomed the guests. The Main speaker for this meeting was Pr. PM George, who was being used specially to lead many people to Christ on the second night where about 300 people heard the gospel message. During this meeting we had inaugurated IFMI worship/convention team in Orissa. We had provided them the PA systems, musical instruments and a Van for the ministry in Orissa. 
We also had our Pastors conference where our Pastors from 3 districts attended.

Lambadi Bible inauguration.

The most awaited Lambadi John the gospel is being inaugurated on 24th December 07 in Solapur, Maharshtra where the first copy of the printed Bible portion is being given by Pr PM George and Pr Prince Vengoor to the 12 senior Banjara leaders who represented about 38 lakhs Banjaras in the state of Mahasrahtra. It was an awesome moment where we could establish a foundation for a great movement in the state in the coming days through the written Word of God. We have divided the state into 4 regions (Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nagpur & Solapur) and networking with major churches and organizations for distributing the John the gospel to the entire state. Firstly we thank God whole heartedly for helping us to see this dream come true. We also thank God for Rev TA Samuel for his initiative and guidance as well all the dear ones who prayed and sponsored for this project. Special thanks to Pr Suresh Chavan and his team for the accurate translation and proof reading. Mr Roy from Hebron Press, Delhi has done an exciting job with high quality printing and done the job before time. 
Now we had completed the translation up to 2 Corinthians. We pray and wish to inaugurate the entire printed lambadi New Testament on 25th December 2008.

Maharashtra convention.

IFMI Maharashtra state convention was organized in Solapur, Maharashtra from 24-25 December 07. The meetings were held in Jyoti Niketan school hall where about 350 people heard the gospel for the 2 nights from our chief guests Pr PM George and Pr Prince Vengoor. They have been mightily used by the Holy Spirit to lead many to the confession prayer also many where healed. One old man aged about 65 could stand himself without any help of a hand stick or a wheel chair after the prayer. He was not able to stand himself for years. Likewise there were many healings were taken place during these meetings. 
Mostly our Banjara believers from 7 regions stayed in the campus and attended all the sessions. The meetings were enriched by many Banjara cultural programs like traditional dances, skits, testimonies, songs etc…

Hyderbad Visit:-

After the conventions I came to Hyderabad and met with our AP coordinator Mr Kripa Rao and his wife Ruth and discussed many issues like FCRA, IMA registration and taking new Pastors etc… We have contacted the IMA office and now Mr Kripa Rao is taking the initiatives for the registration. Our earlier registration is rejected as there were no needed follow up.

Kuruppam (Vijayanagaram Distt. AP)

It was an unforgettable journey for me to travel from Hyderabad to Kurupam by bus which took about 25 long hours. Our new field Kurupam is totally a tribal area with the presence of many naxalite groups and situated in the border of Orissa. People live in small huts and do the cultivations for their daily needs. Often due to poverty many die in the villages. We are starting ministry in these areas from this month by appointing 10 Pastors to reach these entire tribal community for our Lord. All these Pastors are coming from this tribal group and I found they are very active and committed for the Lord's work.

Tamil Nadu Visit:-

I have been with our Tamil Nadu Coordinator Pr Albert Tennison for the New Year celebrations. The Lord called him and gave him a vision of reaching the Hindu community in Kaveripakkam on 2006 while he was working with an international organization. He obeyed the Lord and started ministry in the said place with IFMI. Now there are about 50 people accepted the Lord totally from Hindu background in this place and 4 villages are opened for the gospel. Even though I have visited many fields during this trip but I found this particular church as the model of the first century church. They are praying church (strictly from 4am - 6am all the believers and Pastor pray for a revival in their place), Witnessing church (every new believers are trained to share the love of Jesus with others), Giving church (even though most of them are poor, they give more than tithe), Persecuted church (as all the believers are from Hindu background often from their families and society the new believers are being persecuted, but they stand strongly and witness for their new faith in Jesus).

The story of Pushpa.

Pushpa is a 14 year old girl from a very poor background in Tamil Nadu. Her parents are laborers and strong Hindus. Pushpa heard about Jesus and accepted the Lord 4 months before from her friend. She regularly starts going church and started to pray. Even though in the initial stage the parents opposed her, but released her later for going to the prayers. 
She has developed a great love for Jesus in her life and often prays for a greater faith. Often she goes to nearby houses for washing vessels and clothes and gets enough food, some time little amount of money for her school fees. Every Saturday she takes off and with her believer friends, she visits every house with gospel literature and tells about Jesus to the people boldly. All the children as well the teachers heard about Jesus in her school through Pushpa. Every house she works received gospel tracts and books from her. She never sleeps without telling Jesus to a new friend everyday. On the Christmas day she came with Rs. 75 and gave to the Pastor. The Pastor asked her how she got this money. She told him, "From the last 10 days I was working overtime in many houses and collected this money to give you. When everyone gives money in our church I often cries inside that I am not able give. But this time I thought myself some how I need to work hard to collect at least Rs100 to you for the ministry. But sorry I could collect only Rs. 75". After seeing this Pushpa and the story I went my hotel room and bitterly cried before the Lord. I asked Him to break me again and mould me as Pushpa to love Him from my heart purely, serve Him with this enthusiasm, and give Him everything I own and I can. I heard the Lord was speaking to me through Pushpa and calling me to walk with Him further with a pure heart and a deeper commitment. Yes, I re-dedicate my life again to Jesus to serve Him in every day of my life.
Thank you for your prayers and support for the conventions, Lambadi John the gospel, and for my trip. I love you and pray for you. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers.

As of 12 Jan 2008:

In Kuruppam, Andhra Pradesh: We have inaugurated our ministry among tribals from this month. The great news is yesterday (11th Jan) 19 people (tribals) were baptised there. It is very exciting to see God's move in our fields in these days. 
I have been in Delhi to inaguarte our new field in Samayapur (near bypass). We have 2 young Pastors there, doing ministry in 6 places with more than 100 believers there. The Pastors names are Pr Surender Kumar and Pr Somveer. 
I am very closely approching to the 350 Pastors in Orissa. As our first step next week I am sending our Orissa co ordinator Advt Ratan singh to this place(700 kms from Bubaneswear) to get all the details and information about all these Pastors and ministry fields before I make a visit to them soon. 
Very soon we are going to have another 1000 (one thousand) churches in Orissa with the ministry

As of 14 Jan 2008:

The Lord has given us a vision of a Mobile Tent Ministry (MTM) which we wish to inaugurate on April 2008 to proclaim the gospel message in every nook and corners of India. The details of the MTM is described below- 
The Vision:- Traveling every district and state of India with the multi purpose Bus with 7 member team, for conducting conventions, gospel campaigns, conferences, awareness programs and medical camps by partnering with every native churches and organizations. 
This project is going to be a great initiative for a great movement in India. We are taking steps totally by faith for this project. We would like to welcome you to invest and sponsor for this MTM by whatever way you can. By joining hands together we can finish the task of reaching the unreached in India. Please share with this vision to like minded people who can be a part. Request your prayers for this project.

As of 8 Feb 2008:

Immanuel Bible school in AP:- From the month of April IFMI is starting the Bible school in Rajamundry (AP) with 30 students. This Bible School will accommodate 30 young men who are totally from our tribal churches from Andhra and Orissa. After the one year training the graduates will be sent to their own places for the ministry especially for church planting. Pr. Kamal who is our coordinator for the Tribal Mission will give leadership for the training center. We believe through this center we can reach hundreds of Tribals and Naxlites who are situated in Andhra, Orissa and in Chattisgarh with the gospel message. 
Immanuel Bible School in Tamil Nadu started:- IFMI had started 6 months of residential church planters training in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu on 2nd Feb 08. This is the first ever initiative of the ministry in Tamil Nadu to equip men and women for the ministry in the state. At present we have 6 men enrolled for the course and we expect another 4 by this week end. 
Paralytic healed:- Rajender is from Sikh background in Ludhiana, Punjab who was paralyzed for many years and was counting his last days. He had spent most of his money and visited many religious places and done rituals for his healing. But nothing happened. Two weeks before through his friends he had invited our administrator Pr Reji Abraham from Karnal and asked him to pray for his healing. Then Pr. Reji visited him and shared the gospel with him by which he accepted Jesus as his Saviour. Suddenly he was healed. It was a miracle for every one in the family as well near by colonies. Now Rajender is growing in the faith and testifying Jesus to his people in Punjab.
Lambadi Bible distribution:- The people of Mahrashtra specially the Banjara tribe in the state wholeheartedly welcomed the lambadi John the gospel in their language. IFMI printed the first Scripture in this language and inaugurated on 25th Dec -07.
Later we had arranged a network with 15 major organizations and churches for the distribution of the Bibles in the state. The distribution centers are located in Nagpur, Kolhapur, Solapur, Pune and Mumbai. We believe hundreds of people will be blessed by this written Word and meet the Saviour who is our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Thank you for praying and assisting the ministry in North India. Please continue to pray for us.

As of 20 Mar 2008:

Last week I had a wonderful missionary journey again to Orissa, Andhra and Tamil Nadu. It was an unforgettable trip to Koraput district in Orissa specially. Koraput is one of the most unreached tribal districts in Orissa. 
The Lord has given us a burden to adopt Koraput district and to reach out these tribal people with the gospel. Let me give you a clear picture of Koraput in below.
Koraput District
Situated at : South of Orissa.
Area : 8379.3
Neighbor districts: Raygada, Malkangiri
Population: 1,177,954
Blocks : 14 
Villages : 2000
Caste : Tribal 
Major festivals: Pushpini, Chaiti etc.
Major towns: Koraput and Jayapur.
Geographical: Forests, Hills and Mountains 
Major Christian Organizations: BCI, IET, Philadelphia etc..
How did gospel reached in Koraput: It was about 200 years before the Lutheran missionaries came to this district and planted a church in the city. Many Tribals began to attend the church but they could not reach any other regions in this district. In 1950's the Pentecostal movement started in Orissa and the waves of this movement reached Koraput but it could not make any significant effects to reach the entire district. But today there is a new movement taking place in Koraput with the power of the Holy Spirit. People respond to the gospel more than ever now. 
Pr. Cheitty and team: Through this movement Pr. Cheitty and his entire family is being converted and started to reach out the near by villages. God began to do great and mighty things in the thickly populated tribal villages through these normal men. Now about 300 churches were planted and they are a team of 150 Pastors in the district. Now Pr. Cheitty and his team are willing to join with our organization and work further to reach the district as he and his team feels to work under a strong leadership and ministry. Apart from the church planting they have an orphanage, a short time training center, and some acres of land gifted by individuals for constructing church buildings. 
While I was traveling through the villages and ministering to these people I felt the anointing of the Lord more than ever in my life. I had seen a vision there that hundreds of people lining up for baptisms and big halls filled with people worshiping the Lord with one accord. That made me to take this challenge of adopting this district by our ministry.
Bada Pradhan an example of God's move:- Bada Pradhan is a small village and about 2 hours journey from the city. People were worshiping trees and stones and they never heard the gospel before. One Mr. Solom from this village heard the gospel message from another village and he shared the message with his villagers in Bada Pradhan. Within this limited time the entire village accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. The village chief gave 1 acres of land for constructing a church building in the village. Now they worship under a tree. 
Our target: - Our target for this district will be reach it's 2 thousand villages and strategically plant churches by equipping the natives within 7 years of time. 
Let me ask you to join with us to reach this wonderful people who live in small huts in the forests and the mountains of Orissa. Let's work where God works.

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