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                                                    IFMI-NORTHERN EASTERN REGION- 2011.

 Medical Assistance:         

There are several villages in this part of the world where people are driven by despair and sickness. Most of them are the victims of malnutrition. Many of them do not have any regular income; they live in the remote villages away from the mainstream of life. They depend upon the forest for their livelihood. There is no conveyance to reach such areas; we have to walk miles to reach to these areas to help them. During the monsoon, number of villages is being cut off from the rest of the world because the rivers overflow and flood occur.
Malaria, mostly Falciparum malaria and jaundice are the terrific killers of many people. Many die without any medical assistance even today even the corrupted Governments least bother about this crucial condition of these downtrodden ones. These people are struggling for the survival. It is a heart-breaking scene to witness that the relatives stand helpless with deep sigh while their dear ones die like flies. For certain time we also become mute specters standing with a heavy heart not knowing what to do.

We are unable to sort out this mess due to the lack of many things but our doctors and health workers do their level best to reach out and help a few victims out of the danger condition. It is our prayer to God to enable us to do our maximum to treat them and bring them to the love and peace of our savior. It is also our request to you all that while you are enjoying the peace and love of Jesus, please uphold these human beings created by God same like we all in your valuable prayer. Day by day many go to hell without the knowledge of a glorious eternity.

It is our humble request to your good selves, to introduce us to your friends or known medical organizations to contribute medicines, second hand clothing, and whatever ways some one help us to carry on with our vision in this particular field.








We are trying to take heed of the heart-beats of Jesus; once He told “I was hungry but you didn’t give me food, I was sick but you didn’t care me 



*** We have sufficient land for making a hospital but no fund………………….

We are concentrating on the people groups living in the forest villages without any medical care. They lead a pitiable life; we can watch human beings live below the standard of animals.




Children in the forest villages are getting equip. We have more than 1000 children from different religious background are being equipped for a better future.




 IT IS MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO YOUR GOOD SELVES; PLEASE GIVE US A HELPING HAND TO MOBILIZE THE ENDEAVOR FOR THE SUFFERING MANKIND. Also introduce us to your friends & relatives. Remember this world is a temporary home for all, we have to  say good bye to all at once- do something for mankind before our roll call will be heard…………….




Look at the eyes of this old and sick man, he lost his son because of tuberculosis and his daughter in- law went to work somewhere but not retuned for the last two years. These children had nobody to care; we took it as God’s direction to us. Now they are with us.

As we have been passing through the first half of 2011, God has been enabling us to reach out and bring few more souls to the way of eternity. Our brothers in Gujarat, M.P. & Maharastra are facing terrible threat from the Hindu extremists; one of our missionaries in Gujarat, Kamalesh was arrested and keeping in jail since last week on false accusation of forcible conversion. His wife and 3 children are in tears; please pray for them.

Here the area mainly we concentrate is known as DOOARS (Door way to Bhutan). The people groups living in the FOREST VILLAGES have a miserable life. They are depending upon the forest for their daily needs. No regular income. No government care for them.  

 Once the monsoon sets in- from June to September- the rivers get flooded and the villagers have absolutely, no contact with the outside world. The people here wait in desperation as their crops and dreams are washed away. Their water becomes polluted, the stock of grain depleted. MALARIA, CHOLERA, DIARRHEA AND THE MOST DREADED OF THEM ALL, MALNUTRITION; take their toll on the young fragile lives. Another death, another wasted life. By the time the rains stop, tears have started flowing- tears for their children, for themselves and their hopelessness Once the rain stops, mainly two things which needed are- rebuild their mud huts which have been washed away, and bury their dead children.

A number of people go to work in Teagardens here but the economic condition of them too very poor, mostly they are Teagarden labourers; Most of the teagardens are closing down as they are facing lot of problems. People have no way of survival. Some people have died due to the lack of food and medical care. Suicidal tendency among these people groups is increasing like anything else.

Recently, an old man shared his sorrows to me, he lost his elder son in an accident, and his younger son and his wife with three children had committed suicide due to hunger. The old man is consuming heavy quantity of local alcohol in order to end his life too. When I looked into his deep eyes- filled with tears of pains and sorrows- I felt hurt too. I tried my level best to make him understand about the eternity and salvation which God is providing for him, I also promised him to provide medical assistance, meeting his basic needs. It is only a story of one man; there are many who couldn’t share their sorrows to anybody as they have none to care and listen to them………..!!!

Last year, one mother brought five small children to me, age 8 months to 9 years. She told me that her husband died and her relatives thrown her out. She wept and begged me so much, I explained her that we had no place to keep them and no money to feed. Finally, I was urged to adopt her 3 children, ages 5 to 9. I watched the poor woman wiped her tear which was flowing through her bone-bulged and pale face.

These days we are concentrating on a special community known as “RAJBANSIS” a mixed people group of Indo-Mongolian; the Christian percentage among them is .08%. All sort of social & religious evils are overwhelming them. It’s very tough task to reach to the people groups with gospel as they are fundamentalist and worship the power of darkness. We started small education centres in their villages and free medical camps through which we are able to convince them. 


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The above pictures are from our mission fields, we reached to the un-reached people groups with various ministries: -Picture No.1. A public meeting in a ‘RAJBANSI VILLAGE.’ 2. Our children of the orphanage perform gospel songs with actions. 3. How excited the small girl holding the used cloth which is given to her. 4. Our prayer partners from different places, especially from Saudi collect & send used cloth, milk powder, biscuits for the destitute children. 5. Free medical camps-the best media which we are using to reach the toughest areas where people are against direct evangelization. 6. Medical camp in a forest village. 7. HIV/AIDS Awareness programs. 8. Medical care- where there is not even a first- aid facility.Medical care- where there is not even a first- aid facility. 9. A prayer shed in a forest village. 10. The first prayer shed on Bhutan border. 11 & 12, Two IFMI Destitute children’s schools. 13&14, we give baptism to the new comers to Christ. 15. These poor & needy children enjoy there one time food every month we provide.

Our needs emergency needs:-

One of the textile owner in Mumbai promised us to contribute cloth to stitch & sell school uniform to different schools to have local income to run the ministry, it is my humble request to our prayer partners to help us to by minimum 5 sewing machines in order to carry out this effort.

Most of our missionaries are walking kilometers to reach different villages, their children & wives wait for their return very late bearing the tension: to help them we need cycles, per cycle cost minimum Rs.3500/-

We need share holders to participate in making an ultra modern hospital in our 5 acre land which is vacant. An organization from abroad promised us to have all modern equipments without any cost.

Most of our prayer sheds and school sheds are being made of mud floors, bamboo mat walls and tin roof, few of them are on falling condition, we request our prayer partners to come forward with a helping hand.

Most of the village schools run during the evening time, there are seldom villages having electricity, such schools need petrol max light, please pray for it. 

                                             A VIEW OF NORTH & NORTH EAST MINISTRIES- IFMI - INDIA (2010)


Pr.T.A.Samuel, the General Overseer of IFMI, visit a pioneer church in a forest village. There are many such villages where human beings live without hearing the name of their saviour even once.  We take the gospel to them by using MEDICAL PROGRAMS as a media. First we gather a small group to attend a prayer meeting, gradually the new comers turn to be evangelists and start bringing other new people to come for the prayer meetings. We provide them a light refreshment as most of them come with empty stomach; many of them suffer even for one meal a day and suffer from various diseases. They need love, concern and care. While many of us live in comfort zones, remember, the other parts of the world where people are struggling one time food for their survival; moreover, they are on the way to their tragic destiny. We have to meditate upon the word of God: Jude.19-23.







Bhutanis waiting on queue to exercise their first vote for democracy-2009.    Bhutan the nation of Dragon- people are under the stronghold of the evil power. The king of Bhutan keeps them under the bondage of religious fanaticism, nobody has free will to do things, everyone should follow what the king says and the king is bound to obey the Religious leaders of Buddhism. No other faiths are appreciated; few of Christian missionaries were kept in jail for years. This year after the formal democracy, a slight change is taking place. Previously, we have been conducting prayer cells secretly but now the police close their eyes.

Long six years of our constant prayer, last month, we could start a prayer cell in an old house in Bhutan; only the citizen of Bhutan can conduct prayer meetings there.
Here is our 1st Bhutan missionary Madan Khare.

 Bro.Mathew also wearing a Bhutan’s National Uniform; it should be worn while attending any official function or public market. All the office staff should wear the national dress while they are in office. People have no freedom to practice their own faith but all are under the bondage of the darkness.

The Lady missionaries to Bhutan with Area pastor Kamal & National coordinator Bro.Mathew. Ladies can do better evangelization in the Dragon’s Nation. Pray for Bhutan- spends your few seconds to claim Bhutan in the name of Jesus.




                                           A VIEW OF THE FOOTHILLS OF HIMALAYAS.

 We have to walk more than 30 to 40 miles to and fro to reach such villages. Very simple people live here, they live as neatly as they could. They all have their own dialects to communicate. We picked up few boys and girls from the villages and sent them for secular and biblical studies, we have a hope that, they go back to their villages with the gospel. Native missionaries can evangelize them as they know the culture and nature of their own people groups.

We need your prayer support and if you don’t mind, kindly introduce us to anybody who has a vision for these ignorant people groups going to hell without hearing the name of their saviour even once. We need prayer support and encouragement. We go to the places where you have no time to go; help us to mobilize the endeavour for kingdom sake. 
We heartily invite our prayer partners & friends to visit this wonderful place. Pray for the silent people group living on these top hills of Himalaya region. This is the border of China- Nathula, Sang- Rembu, Namchi, Kherabari, Jorthang & few other villages where we have fellowship.

                     Life standards of these people are lower than animals.




Animals have better life rather than these human beings- few weeks back, our team visited a village close by a forest called GORUMARA WILD SANCTUARY in West Bengal, India; we noticed the shelter you can see in the first picture, on enquiry we got the tragic situation of a family- a mother and 3 children live here; she lost her husband few years ago- killed by a wild elephant. We have come to know that the children went to the city for begging and the sick and helpless woman had gone to the forest for collecting firewood to sell in the town for their daily needs- This is not only the story of one family, there are many live below than the life standard of animals.


 (You can be a partner with us by living any part of the world; pray for us 1 minute in a day, help us to reach to the people who are really suffering by very small contribution or send us a mail with encouraging words that you are our partner in this venture for changing the hopeless to hope.)





The uncertainty of the life in the world constrains us to do something to this fractured, wounded and a world with full of confusions. Beyond all religions, castes or creeds; every human beings have a responsibility to help each other to uplift the suffering and neglected people groups all around us.  We are unable to do anything in a large scale but whatever we get from the small contributions and out of our hard earnings; we spend towards the manifold humanitarian deeds.


We extend our endeavor through various philanthropic activities like; adult education, destitute children’s schools, children homes (orphanages), caring the old and sick, conducting medical camps and various health care programs, HIV/AIDS awareness programs and through our small prayer cells many get mental peace and a guidance to a better life. We also equip educated young people who are wandering for any jobs for their survival; many young men and women are working with us.

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Pictures: - 1.Rural Medical Camp, 2. Providing Medical assistance to the poor & needy, 3. Street Children are being equipped, 4. Children in remote interior villages are being led to main stream of life, 5. Children & teachers of a remote village School, 6. Forest village children are getting English Education, 7. The youth wing that helps us to move easily to do our works. (If anybody required more information, we are always ready to send it)


We are looking forward to team up with like- minded people groups in order to reach out such human beings and pulling them out of their tragic destiny. Phone: +965, 66729391, Email:



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